Five Tips To Make Open Houses More Effective for Buyers

Unless you are being transferred and need to find a house ASAP, there can be many stages to finding and purchasing your new home that can last up to a year or more: Cruising, Scoping Out, Discovering a Neighborhood, Seriously Looking and, finally, FINDING THE HOUSE!! For first time buyers, this process can seem especially daunting.

As a Realtor and home owner, I appreciate the huge investment of time and money involved in finding a place where you will be comfortable and happy for many years. That’s why I love Open Houses – they provide buyers and potential buyers a unique opportunity to explore price points, neighborhoods, layouts and various styles of homes at your own pace.

Here are my five tips to get the best results from the Sunday ritual of attending Open Houses.

1)       Before you go, read the marketing materials and look at the online pictures so…

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